We Put You on the Web

Domain Reservation, Database Integration, Web Site Design, Web Site Management

Your own internet presence enables you to make information accessible worldwide fast. It is essential to have your own web site. However, we strongly recommend this site to be professionally developed in terms of design, programming and user-friendliness. Our deep understanding of web integration and programming is adapted to all web projects.

Fröhlich Info AG guides its customers through all phases of developing and designing their web site. A concept is worked out in close collaboration with the customer and a plan drawn up for implementation of this concept: We have to merge both the content structure with the conceptual design in a way that best suits the project. Once the specifications, layout and design have been signed off by the customer we will build the website. We, that is all the specialists at Fröhlich Info AG, be it graphic designers, software or electronic engineers who are as skilled in creating graphics as in programming your interactive CMS website.

Please view samples of our web projects here.